Monday, February 14, 2011

this week's thaw

Last week, we endured frigid temps here. The week before that, we had a couple feet of snow in one day. This week, it's all going to melt.


I keep hearing birds, but can't find them. Nevertheless, I blew off an inch of dust from my camera bag, and reacquainted myself with the Pentax relic. I fixed a broken eye cup and we're ready to go again. Now, if you happen to see one of these birds, would you please point it out to me, because I can't seem to spot even-a-one!!


Gaelyn said...

Seems spring may be on its way. Hey, is that a bird? No, sorry, it's a plane. ;)

Chris said...

It is kind of a transition period now.. So, it is difficult to find the bird as they try to save as much energy as possible before breeding... you will get them soon with patience ;-)

lime said...

i heard a songbird yesterday and then woke to 7 inches of snow. poor frozen little bird.