Monday, April 25, 2011

choir boy

Early Sunday morning, I found a space where I could be alone, I bowed my head and tucked my chin down to touch my chest for eight counts or so. Then I tilted my head waaaay to the left. Then of course... waaaay to the right.


Next, I relaxed and sounded a long, steady, smooth, low note with my voice, paying special attention to produce the air from deep in my gut.


After that, I did scales. They were not loud. I tried to keep the throat relaxed the whole time. Our choir didn't warm up as a group, so I hope my efforts were of some help.


After that, lots of hot tea--no sugar. Cough drops. I grabbed some bottled water from the case--room temperature... not chilled.


During the past few weeks, I have been trying to build up vocal endurance by singing (hard) in the car on the commute to and from work. Last Monday's choir practice left me hoarse, and I could barely get through the ending on the last song. Sunday morning, my throat was still a little sore from Saturday night's rehearsal, and I had to find a way to make it through morning rehearsal and then two worship services!


When we got through with the first four songs, the choir got a break, so that the regular team could do their song. I remembered someone's advice, so I went back into the church office. There, I found some olive oil that we use for anointing. Using a plastic spoon, I measured a quarter-teaspoon and swallowed it. (Not so tasty.) They say it lubes the throat, enabling singers to last longer. I rinsed the stuff off my tongue but didn't gargle. Finally, I prayed, that the Holy Spirit would carry me through, so that --at the very least, I would not be a distraction.


Easter songs are triumphant. I believe they need to be sung with a certain... gusto! I held nothing back. But between all the hot teas, sips of water, cough drops and swigs of (shudder) olive oil, thank the Lord that I made it through the whole way without crashing horribly.


Whew! Choir is done, and now I can go back to being the sound guy and hide behind the booth. No bruised uvula or sprained larynx... I think.


I hope your Easter Sunday was amazing and wonderful, and that you can experience the uncontainable joy of celebrating the Lord's rising from the grave.


How do you volunteer at your church?


George said...

I'm glad your 'doctoring' enabled you to get through Easter services. I also hope you have recovered your voice by now.

imac said...

I wondered where that screeching was coming from my

Not a good Easter really for us, a friend 99yrs old had another heart attack, but learned today that she's on the mend, so far.

Craver Vii said...

Believe it or not George, I'm still speaking with a deeper voice. It's kinda cool.

Oh Imac. I am so sorry to hear about the heart attack. It is a relief to hear that she is on the mend.

lime said...

glad you made it through though the phrase bruised uvula made me giggle. it would be a great name for a rock band.

i volunteer in the nursery now that my kids are big. i don't think the young mothers should have to work there. they are the ones who need the break.