Tuesday, April 19, 2011

gloomy day

It was a dark and stormy... week. Sure, there were moments of relief briefly interrupting the pattern, but we've had more rain and clouds and cold high winds than usual this week. This Canada Goose doesn't seem to mind.


Yesterday I came in to work, and there seemed to be a gloomy haze hovering over everybody's head. I wanted to order a big tank of nitrous oxide and pump it into our air supply lines.


But maybe it is good this week to ponder heavy things. I find that the Easter celebration is sweeter when I first take the time to contemplate the events that led up to Resurrection Sunday. Some of us observe this in different ways. For me and my house, we do not do lent like liturgical churches. I did not give anything up for lent. Whether I eat meat or abstain from it has nothing to do with any of the days of the week or season. Nevertheless, I would acknowledge that there is a benefit to treating the days before Easter as something special.


My desire for you is that you have had the opportunity to remember and be intentional about a somber reflection upon the life of Christ, and the events of Holy Week. Then, on Sunday, may you fully embrace all the richness of the day.


George said...

Thanks for a thoughtful post.
We do go to a liturgical church, so Lent is observed. But instead of giving up something for Lent, we are encouraged to give something -- extra time to help an elderly neighbor, volunteer at a food bank, mentor a young person, etc. Holy Week reminds us that Jesus came to die for our sins and to be raised up again, but while he was on earth he also helped those who were less fortunate.

imac said...

Goosey goosey, lol.
Neat posts too my friend, like you in your white shirt brigade, lol

Having trouble with my net connections at the moment, keeps popping on and off a lot.
Got Virgin coming out thurs, hoping to have it fixed and working all the time.

Elettra said...

Dear friend you reach the dearest wishes to you and your family a happy and peaceful Easter,ad maiora Electra