Wednesday, August 24, 2011

getting closer

These ducks are used to having people feed them. They were not nearly as scared of me as they should have been. In fact, I'm used to seeing water fowl swim away when I approach for pictures.


Close as I was, I wish I could have been closer still. That one on the grass had down on her bill that was driving me crazy. I wanted so badly just to reach out and brush that stuff off.


I'm still pondering my camera dilemma. I found some sweet deals on eBay. Each time the clock runs out though, some eager bidder has gone beyond my comfort zone. I think I'm going to have to let go of the desire for a DSLR for now. While I've been without my Pentax, I've been using my wife's compact digi-cam. Left pocket--all day, every day. I like the idea of always having that with me, and not having to lug around a camera bag. Maybe I should go small for my next camera.


The other option was one of those super-zooms. I saw one that had an optical zoom of 36X!! That sounded great until I read a review that said that when they zoomed way in, the focus got soft, and it was not very good in low-light situations. Nah, if it's too big to conveniently stash in my pocket, I need to have better performance than that.


donsands said...

The right camera shall present itself, I'm certain. I love taking pics of ducks and geese. I have a very fine pond I love to take the grandsons.

Happyone:-) said...

Nice closeup!!

Chris said...

You lost your camera??? How come!! Take your time to find the one that fits to you, it might pop up from somewhere one day ;-)

imac said...

Your day will come my friend.
In the meantime, you are doing great.

Craver Vii said...

I followed that link, Sandman. You captured an outstanding image of that male mallard!

Thank you so much, Happyone. The credit for being so close should really go either to Mrs. Mallard or to the many people that feed the ducks. As a matter of principle, I never feed animals when I am at a picnic.

Oh, it is not just lost, Chris. Liquid found its way inside, and it is damaged beyond repair. It is the hardest thing to take my time, because I want so badly to be taking pictures. I still get my photography magazine, and have a membership in an online Pentax forum, but... no DSLR. :-(

I appreciate your encouragement, Imac.

George said...

I think you got a good picture even without your DSLR, but I can understand how you miss it. I hope something will work out soon.

Teacher's Pet said...

Keep looking for the camera that you want...don't give up. You will find it.
I smiled at the duck down on the bill. That would have driven me crazy too!!
Keep those photos coming. They are great.

Teacher's Pet said...
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