Wednesday, September 07, 2011

K-x has arrived

Mail? For me? Gee, what do you suppose we could have in this box here? The box says, "K-x." Hmmm... isn't that a kind of camera?


Yup; I got it!! Now I need to figure this thing out. There are so many menus and options. It's less intuitive than your run of the mill point & shoot, that's for sure! The owner's manual is 315 pages long. That's a lotta information!


Would you like to know how it compares to my previous camera? No??? I'll pretend I didn't hear that.


Pentax ist DL (former cam): manufactured in 2005, 6.1 MP CCD sensor, iso range 200-3,200, continuous 2.8 fps, no image stabilization, no preview, and 2.5" LCD.


Pentax K-x (new cam): manufactured in 2009, 12.4 MP CMOS sensor, iso range 100-12,800, continuous 4.7 fps, image stabilization, digital preview, and 2.7" LCD.


Let's see what this baby is capable of...


Chris said...

I guess you are a happy men, or should I say kiddo that receive its new toy... I say that cause I was like that when I got my new camera too ;-) Good luck with the practice

George said...

Your new 'toy' sounds very impressive. I can hardly wait to see the photos you get.

lime said...

oh yay! i'm so glad for you!

imac said...

Well it takes a good cardboard shot my friend.,lol.

Congrats my friend - and have fun.

Craver Vii said...

Well Chris, playing with the camera will need to take second place this weekend. I'm sure I'll get a chance to mess around with the new toy, but the grandchildren are visiting, and that is going to be the best part of these next few days. :-)

There's a lot to learn, George. But I'm sure I can manage to fire off a few pics here and there.

It's such a relief to have a camera again, Lime! I was kinda lost without one.

I had to wait, Imac... and so do you. :-P

Teacher's Pet said...

Good on ya, Craig.
I'm so happy for you.

lime said...

oh i can believe you. my year without a camera was really frustrating.