Monday, November 28, 2011

struck by Lightnin'

Target shooting has always been a fascination of mine. Some of you may remember stories I've told about archery. But there has also been darts (tungsten) and throwing knives... basically, if you need to aim it, I want to practice it. They say "practice makes perfect," but I have been struck with the reality from an entirely different experience... that practice makes me frustrated, because I have never been made perfect in any of these disciplines. In fact, my nickname at the archery range was Lightnin'. Sounds cool, right? But do you know why they called me that? It's because "lightnin' don't strike the same spot twice."


Fortunately, I don't have the same problem with photography. My unsteady hands took this, somewhat long exposure (1/3 sec) without a tripod by laying down and using the dock as a brace. I expect that I hold my breath for just about all of my pics. Anti-shake technology is a big help, too. When I do not like the position, cropping and straightening is a simple (post-editing) fix.


Aim... focus... steady... click... Meh, that'll do.


Check out: 11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips from


George said...

I don't know about knives, darts, etc., but you are very good at aiming a camera (and holding your breath?). You did very well with this picture. Lightnin'!

Wendy said...

Hehe, I try to hold my breath but it seems to make me shake even more for some reason! Good job on the nice photo Lightnin' :)

Happyone:-) said...

Ah darts, that brings back memories. When i lived in Puerto Rico i was on a dart team. Had loads of fun!
Nice photo!!

lime said...

funny but i use target shooting techniques to steady my camera too. great landscape shot. just love it. :)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

gorgeous and peaceful photo!
great lighting, too:)

i love your pictures. you do take them at nice angles.

have a wonderful day!

Craver Vii said...

(grin) Lightnin' is still one of my favorite nicknames.

George, another favorite that I neglected to mention is a rubber-band gun that I made from scrap wood and a clothes pin. Things like this have brought much pleasure to me and my sons. I get a charge out of playing with the boys and their friends, but at my age, I pay dearly for jumping and running around.

The breath control does not come naturally to me, Wendy. In fact, I think I know exactly what you mean about shaking. In archery, I struggled with my hands jumping at the last moment, and I think I sometimes do the same thing in photography. One thing I know for sure is that I will never try the William Tell thing with an apple on someone's head!

Craver Vii said...

Darts can be dangerous in Puerto Rico, Happyone. I am thinking about the idea of mixing darts with the less-than-ideal combination of umbrella drinks and sandals or flip-flops. I hope you never pierced your feet. :-)

Lime, when I thought about which words to post with this pic, I think I was influenced by the movie Shooter, which I saw again this past weekend.

I have been kayaking and canoeing on this Wisconsin lake, Betty. It is one of my favorite places on account of its serenity. The location triggers a lot of fond memories for me.

Jackie said...

Craver....I shot a few photos of a mountain stream without using a tripod. I did the "Craver" (...held my breath)....but being a bit older than you, I need every moment of breathing, and my shots weren't nearly as still as yours.
Good job on this photo, Lighting!
I love the links you share with us. Thank you for those.
Smiles to you and your family,

Carletta said...

Love the water color look of this image!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was away visiting my granddaughters and found your comment on my blog last night about the turkey and stuffing on my radio dish - cracked me up! :)

Shammickite said...

It's amazing how much we shake when holding a camera for a long exposure.
If I plan another trip to the windy City I'll be sure and let you know!!

butterflyforjc517 said...

Craver, I hope you had a good thanksgiving! Nice pic! :)

Craver Vii said...

We don't want to impede your breathing; that's for certain! Then again, that selection you showed from the mountain stream series was positively breathtaking, Jackie. Plus, like how the comments made mention of almost "hearing" the water on the rocks.

God bless those little ladies, Carletta. They have a cool grandma. I had hoped you would get a kick out of the silly comment.

Be forewarned Shammy. I am the world's most boring host. I like hanging out with people, but not running around from place to place. But if Mrs. Craver and I could buy you a cup of latte at a Starbucks, that would be excellent! Oh, and we would definitely have to get a portrait together, too!

Our Thanksgiving celebration was very nice, Rachel Grace. I have a lot to be thankful for.