Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas lights

Three years ago, I took some pictures using a Christmas tree with lights to produce some special effects. This year, I tinkered with some special effects to produce a Christmas tree with lights. Here is how I did it:


  • Using a tripod at night, I manually focused on a blank wall.
  • The camera was set to exposure priority, and the two shots varied between 5 and 13 seconds. Then, I turned out the lights.
  • My hand formed an upside-down "V," to mask the shape, as I drew a zig-zag on the wall with a cheap, pen laser. (Remove any reflective jewelry so you don't blind yourself!)
  • In post-editing, I changed the red lines to green.
  • The ornaments were done by guessing where the tree was, and just dotting inside the triangle with the same laser.
  • Then, I put the two images together as an overlapping collage.


    I tried combining more exposures to get a variety of ornament colors, but I liked the simplest one best. I wonder what else we can try with light.

    EG Wow said...

    Very cool! I like this a LOT!

    Happyone:-) said...

    Wow, pretty cool.

    Jackie said...

    Can I say, "Impressed"...!!
    Yep. I can say that. And, I am.
    Wonderful....and thank you for the 'how to' that you included.
    I would have never thought of doing that.
    I think the result is spectacular!!!

    Craver Vii said...

    I'm encouraged by your enthusiastic response, EG. That means a lot.

    (tipping my hat) Thank you Ma'am. Happyone, I really, really like that picture you took of the leaf stain on the sidewalk. A few shots like that would make a superb set, so I hope you find more.

    If you try something like this Jackie, I just realized that I omitted one important detail. You should watch out for anything reflective and remove jewelry before aiming that laser. Some use lasers to play with their pets, but last night I discovered that lots of people can't help but play with the lasers the same way cats and dogs do. Too funny!

    Pearl said...

    I had no idea.



    imac said...

    You have found the Light my friend.

    Shammickite said...

    you're gettin' cleverer and cleverer, aren'tcha?
    I'm impressed.

    lime said...

    very cool idea. love the results! i always appreciate that you explain what you did. very festive :)

    Wendy said...

    Brilliant! Now that's creative! :O

    donsands said...

    You are blessed with much wisdom my brother and friend. I love all the Christmas traditions and festivities, because it all, all, makes us look at Christ. For unbelievers and believers both, we have to acknowledge Jesus the Christ is what Christmas is all abut.
    And so, I am able to talk about my Savior with everyone I meet at this time of year!

    Craver Vii said...

    Neither did I, Pearl. At least not like this. But afterwards, I went online, and found that this is ancient history. Even Pablo Picasso painted photographs with light.

    So profound Imac. I would say though, that the Light found me. Glad to see you back! :-)

    I don't know whether I am getting cleverer Shammy, but I'm trying. Your encouragement is sincerely appreciated!

    Craver Vii said...

    You'll get a kick out of this Lime... I discovered that the laser works to entertain people the same way it works for cats and dogs! Eventually, they realize what they're doing, but they always begin by instinctively chasing the light.

    "Brilliant?" That's one of my favorite words, Wendy! I love to hear that. Thank you so much!

    I find it interesting Sandman, that we can do everything to put Jesus in front of someone's face, but only the Holy Spirit can make them see him. Let's continue on being a modern-day John the Baptist for our world this Advent season.

    donsands said...

    Amen. I like that.

    George said...

    I think this is a neat Christmas tree, and I like the way you created it. Very well done!