Tuesday, February 07, 2012

mr. dave

Dear Friends, things have been crazy-busy lately! I miss our regular visits.


Mr. Dave has done some clever things with his photography. First, he takes pictures of animals at the zoo or on a nature hike. Then, he prints them with Scripture or an encouraging saying. Then he sells them at a very reasonable price. If you buy these prints at a craft show, you'll get it framed, too. He doesn't get bogged down in high tech stuff or fancy equipment. We frequently tell each other stories about a recently captured image.


He lives in the area. Last week, I had the chance to snap his portrait, and he gave me permission to show one of his pics. Friends, he is a man of excellent moral fiber and a likeable, genuine simplicity. (I tend to be more... complex. By that I mean that I am a meddler, and I am drawn to exploring the details. If I think something is broken, I can't resist the urge to try to fix it. It's terribly annoying; I know.) He is a Christian with a quiet spirit who models an approachable meekness. It is good to know people like that.


Sad news came in today, Folks. Mr. Dave's dog died. I imagine this is a difficult pill to swallow. Please remember Dave in your prayers.


Happyone said...

He sounds like a FINE man!
I'm sure I'd love all of his photos if they are all like that one.

mr. dave said...

thanks,craver! its great to be able to share my love of photography and creation with someone as gifted as you,too.

Rachel Grace said...

He sure sounds like a great Christlike example! We need more people in the world like him!

Jackie said...

His photo of the bear you posted is beautiful. He sounds like a fine Christian man, and I know that you enjoy having him as a friend. Good photo of him that you took!
I will go to the link that you included. Thank you for sharing it.
And...I think that you must be my long-lost brother. We have the same complex characteristics. (I ALWAYS want to fix things and YESTERDAY is better than today for doing that...sigh. I don't like anything that is unresolved. And if there is any way that I can resolve it, I'm all over it. Yes. It's more than annoying to me 'cause life is so complicated, and I have to realize that Jackie can't 'fix' everything. God's still working on me...as old as I am. :)) )
Hugs to you, Craver.

George said...

Thanks for introducing us to Mr. Dave. He is definitely a wonderful photographer.

Craver Vii said...

All that and more, Happyone. After the photo session, he shared bbq chicken wings with me. Yum!

Mr. Dave, it is a pleasure to be able to introduce you to folks as my friend and a Christian brother. I think they'll like the web site, too.

That's for sure, Rachel Grace. Each member of the body of Christ has their role to play.

Craver Vii said...

I'm curious, Jackie. Were you also a first-born? I think that's where I got a lot of that. Mom and Dad nurtured a sense of responsibility for my younger siblings. I'm the oldest of six. It is always a relief to know that God chose us, despite ourselves, and that the Holy Spirit continues the process of sanctification. (hug)

One aspect of his personality George, is how much he appreciates God's creation. I see that in you as well, with your incredible displays of waterfalls and flowers.

Jackie said...

Craver - Yes. I am a first-born...but there are only two of us. I have a younger sister. She'll be 60 this year. (I smile as I think "younger"...'cause when I WAS young, I never thought of 60 as being young. Wow, have my ideas of 'young' and 'old' changed! :)))

Rachel Grace said...

I am a first born too, Craver!!!!I can relate to wanting to fix things too---kind of like being a "savior" of some sorts, but am realizing not only intellectually but also heart-wise that I can't save everyone---or anyone for that matter. that's God's job.

imac said...

Real nice compliments of Mr Dave and his work and his life.
Well done Mr Dave - and to you Craver for an excellent post and pic.

Craver Vii said...

Lucky guess (or not), eh Jackie? I wish a very special happy birthday to your li'l sis. How strange that time used to move soooo slooooowly, but speeds up exponentially as we grow older. Time will not push us around when we're in glory, though. Hmph!

It's cool that we have that in common, Rachel Grace. I hear what you're saying; good point. From another angle though, someone asked me why I work so hard with ministry stuff. I said, "Jesus is coming back soon, and there is much to do, so let's get busy!"

Well thank you, Imac. I would love to share a pint with you and your Mrs. some day, and then post a feature like this. :-)

lime said...

so glad you got to enjoy meeting each other and so sorry about his dog. thanks to both of you for sharing with us.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

what a powerful tribute to mr dave!
he sounds like an awesome man!

so sorry about his dog though.

Shammickite said...

I am very sad for Mr Dave, he must be feeling rotten about the loss of his dog. Now I'm remembering our old WendyDog.

EG Wow said...

How sad his dog died! He sounds like a really nice man to know.

chris said...

Well I guess that everyone might male an effort to know people, all people... We all have something special and we are all part of the world, different, special and likeable... Sorry for the loss of Mr Dave!

Craver Vii said...

The emotional dynamic was so unexpected, Lime and Betty... one minute celebratory, and the next quite somber.

I guess we each have different levels of connectedness to our pets, Shammy. The pet death that impacted me the most was the loss of one particular hamster (Bertha) when I was a teenager.

He sure is, EG. I do not know anyone who would not acknowledge that he is a positive contribution to society. On the other hand, I know that a few people have found me to be more challenging, or at least more opinionated. :-)

That is a good point, Chris. The differences in people is in many ways, exciting to me. I have friends who have different ideas about religion, culture or politics, but they are friends, nonetheless. I am talking about people that I genuinely care about. I think it is important to know people from all walks, and to be able to find a fit in different social circles.