Wednesday, April 18, 2012

cluck norris

This tough guy was photographed with a Fuji point & shoot through chicken wire at my brother's house. Then they ate him. (Sorry, but that's what he was there for.)


We went with friends to Hollywood Blvd Cinema to celebrate my wife's birthday. They have a bar at the entrance for people who have too much money and can't figure out a better way to spend it. Yeah, I never quite understood the bar thing. The place is decorated really cool, plus the location is cleverly set up to be a movie AND dining experience. The food has catchy names. For example, the spicy Italian sandwich is called the Al Pacino. Get it? They have a pizza with spinach and asparagus called the Linda Blair. That's gross. I ordered the Chuck Norris. It's a buffalo chicken sandwich (white meat with an extra kick).


The movie was great, but my favorite moment that night was when the waiter came to my table, looked me right in the eyes, and asked, "Chuck Norris?" I wanted to take the plate and say, "No Son, I'm not Chuck Norris, but I get that all the time."


Instead of trying to be clever and say something funny (that he's probably heard a thousand times already), I simply smiled and said, "Thanks."


Wow, I totally blew that great opportunity! ...I'm such a big chicken.


Happyone said...

He looks mean!
You should have said it!!

Betty Manousos said...

he looks like he's enjoying having his picture taken!

terrific shot!

Jackie said...

OK, Craver. Did the chickens eat your brother or did your brother eat the chicken? I'm guessing the latter...but with the Al Pacino and the Linda Blair things going on here, it gives me pause.
Yup. I think you shoulda come back with the "I get that all the time" remark. Never pass an opportunity to share a smile...and the smiles would've been there, I'm sure.
Hugs and smiles,

George said...

You got a great picture of the chicken. I hope he tasted as good as he looked. It would have been interesting to know what the waiter would have said if you hadn't 'chickened out'.

Craver Vii said...

Happyone, there were two big males behind the fence. Both of them thought they were Chuck Norris.

I think you're right Betty; this fella wasn't bashful.

(long, sad face) Yes, the chickens ate my brother, Jackie. No, wait... it was my brother who ate the chicken! That's hysterical that you picked that up; I didn't even notice! (lol)

Do you know what? If we didn't have the light coming from behind us, it might have been a different story. If he could see a big smile, and the communication from the eyes, I might have done it. Come to think of it... I think I actually said, "That's me, thanks." But I was too quiet for the joke to work.

George, when we go back there, I'm going to order the same thing and "man-up." They have a Portabella Lugosi sandwich that intrigues me. If I order that, I'll certainly attempt a Transylvanian accent.

EG CameraGirl said...

Ha! Thanks for making me smile. The Linda Blair sounds healthy but I don't like the name. :))

Chris said...

Excellent chuck ;-) I hope you enjoy this birthday party and thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

lime said...

that picture cracks me up. hope cluck was tasty and you TOTALLY should have delivered that line! would have been a hoot.

Craver Vii said...

I don't know about that pizza, CameraGirl. I'm somewhat particular about asparagus.

YesChris, my wife was happy with her birthday party. Merci. Have you heard the Chuck Norris jokes in Iceland? Here's one that I like: "When monsters go to sleep, they check under their bed for... Chuck Norris."

My brother said that cluck was not the best tasting chicken he's ever had. As far as the delivery Lime, maybe next time.