Monday, September 17, 2012

forbidden fruit

Apples get a bad rap.  The Bible doesn't say that Adam and Eve ate an apple, just that it was fruit from the knowledge of good and evil.  I'm sure we don't have access to that same fruit anymore.

Friday was purt near perfect, weatherwise.  It was one of those afternoons, when it seemed a shame to remain indoors, and just about any excuse to get outside sounded reasonable.  But things truly were slow at the office, so I made a judicious application of a couple vacation hours.  When I got home, I put air in the bicycle tires and went riding around with my thirteen year-old son.  Since we were out in the early afternoon, it felt like we had the whole town to ourselves.  We even took advantage of trying to kill ourselves at a skate park, since no one else was there.  No extreme stunts, really.  We rode the ramps, but avoided the more dangerous jumps.

On our way back home, I saw how the light caught this apple tree.  It was like someone powered up a string of red lights!  So, when we put the bicycles away, I immediately grabbed the camera and took my son back to that apple tree.  It was on private property, so I rang the bell and asked permission to take pics on their driveway.  The man of the house was fine with it, but after a while, his wife came out and asked a bunch of questions because I think she wondered if we were up to no good.  "Are you a professional?  What is this for?" etc.  I can't blame her; nobody wants to be taken advantage of.  I showed her some of the photos, and how I was mainly interested in the red apples and deep, blue sky.  I was glad to be carrying a polarizing filter for that blue sky!

Then, I tried something different.  I positioned myself behind an apple, and directly in line with the sun.  It would have been a silhouette, but I flipped the flash up to catch the apple's color.  There was absolutely no blue in that sky.  The sun's light completely blew out the highlights around the apple.

I thanked the strangers for allowing me to snap a few photos, then called my boss to thank her for letting me get out on such short notice.  I'm glad I asked their permission, and I'm glad they both said yes.


Happyone said...

Wow, cool picture of the apples!!
Did you get to eat any?
Amazing how many people really think that Eve took a bite of an apple!! I wonder how that got started?

Carletta said...

I have never gotten the courage to ask permission. Yep, a lot of shots missed. :)
You got some lovely shots on your 'vacation' time.

It's always intriguing at what some people believe because of what they've been told, not what they've read.
Hope you have a good week!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely done Craver, you made some fun Fall captures.

Craver Vii said...

I resisted the "temptation" to even touch the apples, Happyone. The second part of your comment reminds me of a Bible teaching tool that I like to use: "What does this passage actually say?" By doing that, even if their statement is true in another context, I force people to soak-in observations lest they rush off to hasty interpretations.

A smile Carletta, and requesting permission politely can be the key to open the door to experiencing community. That can be better than an image that is captured and filed away.

Wow, is it Fall already Fishing Guy? Where has the time gone?

EG CameraGirl said...

It was smart of you to ask for permission. I'm glad the property owner said yes.

DeniseinVA said...

Great to have some father-son quality time. Your apple shots are wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by. Your comments always give me a chuckle and are thoroughly enjoyed. Have a great day!

Shammickite said...

MMMM I love munching on a nice crisp juicy apple.
And the examples on that apple tree look perfect.
If I had an apple tree, and someone asked me if they could take pictures of it, I would be thrilled! I'd give them some apples too!

Craver Vii said...

I'm glad they said yes, CameraGirl. I've been refused before, and I always respect the person's choice... no matter how tempting it may be to try to sneak a picture anyway.

Oh Denise, those words are a huge encouragement; thanks!!

You have a terrific attitude, Shammie! Even if I can't convince you to be a Bolingbrook neighbor, I think it's great to hang out with you in the blogosphere. :-)

lime said...

i'm suddenly having the urge to make some applesauce! lovely shots. glad you got to enjoy the day:)

kiwi 2468 said...

With these great photos you really made the very best of the opportunity that was granted.