Thursday, September 13, 2012

using ropes and cables

Camp Timber-Lee has a High Ropes Course.  My sons climbed up there, while I took pictures from terra firma.  I wanted to show something with perspective, so instead of looking for an unobstructed view, I positioned myself so that a young person remained in the foreground.  I thought it would be easy because an overcast sky causes even lighting and reduces harsh shadows.  But that doesn't work so well when you're taking pics from below your subjects.  I used my new flash contraption to light up the girl on the left.

A couple posts ago I explained how "I took some non-functioning relics that used to be a wireless flash transmitter and receiver, stripped the guts, and hardwired it to make an extension cable from my camera's hot shoe to an external flash."  So for the shot above, I held the flash out with my left arm so we could see the details and color of her hair, backpack and jacket.  This is what my flash extension looks like:

 That was my first DSLR, by the way.  It doesn't work anymore, but I haven't pitched it.  Hey, do you want to see something fun?  Click on this last picture to have a good look at my son's expression as he looks down from the High Ropes.


donsands said...

You are a very talented photographer my good friend. It's a pleasure to look upon your photographs.
Have a blessed weekend, and especially Lord's Day Craver!

Happyone said...

Nice perspective. We have one of these adventure courses near where I live too.

lime said...

the high ropes course looks fun but hey, that shouldn't surprise you coming from me. the look on your son's face though is pretty priceless.

Craver Vii said...

More like a meddler Sandman, but thank you.

Speaking of perspective, your new profile pic is really neat, Happyone!

It DOES look fun! I had hoped I could go up there, too. And Lime, I wonder what kind of pics I'd get up there! Yeah... I love that expression!

mr. dave said...

i never could fully climb to the top of rope in jr. high. wish i had my camera with me then, because i saw lots of kids fall down atop the other kids!!

(Look Out Below!!)

Craver Vii said...

Mr. Dave, I see that in the movies all the time, but we never did it in my schools. I wonder if the essential muscles used are the same ones we use for a pull-up.