Friday, November 02, 2012

tricks and treats

I stayed home on Halloween and watched a movie with my kids instead of trick-or-treating.  When neighborhood children showed up at my door, I held out two bags from the freezer and offered the option of frozen broccoli or frozen green beans.  The stunned kids looked up in horror and mumbled "candy???"  My daughter pushed past me to save them with a big bowl of chocolate favorites.  As the giggling kids walked to the next house, I said goodbye and told them that if they come early enough next year, I might still have frozen brussel sprouts.  The tricked kids probably thought I was weird, but their parents got a good laugh out of it.  I'm sure my own kids wished they had thought of it first.

Brother Greg and S2 from 2009

While we're on the topic of tricks and treats, I have a new little toy.  It is a ring that screws on to the front of a lens, so that I can mount it backwards on my camera.  This backward lens trick is a neat way to boost your macro capabilities without buying a new lens.  I love it!  Here, you can see a closeup of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of a penny.  I should have looked for a penny that was not so worn, but I just didn't have the patience for that.

While I don't mind being labeled as a photography fanatic, I honestly try to exercise an appropriate balance with the rest of my life and responsibilities.  I saw an online video called The Calling of a Photographer by professional photographer David McLain.  In this video, he talks about the way photography passionately consumes him.  It is poetic and intriguing.  Nevertheless, I got the impression that some professionals might be absent too often from home, and that they're missing out on the greater glory, which is being a good husband and father.  Spooky, huh?


Carletta said...

Frozen broccoli or green beans - a goblin got hold of you and possessed you didn't he? A bad goblin too. :)
You're funny Craver!
That lens looks pretty nifty. Hope to see more attempts from you when time allows.
The last time I visited my granddaughters I only took a few photos. We just spent good time together. I'm with you on time spent.

mr. dave said...

nice trick for the trick or treaters. pretty creative, sure beats givng them a choice between a finger or thumb with blood on it..fake one's obviously!!

Craver Vii said...

That "nifty" lens is also "thrifty," Carletta. I bought it used for ten bucks. It fits my camera, but won't autofocus. Those pics take a longer time to get than when I use autofocus.

Nope. Mr. Dave, we don't do gross or gory stuff at my house. Well, not for Halloween, anyway. The worst we get is to implement the five-second rule for food that fell on the floor, and for gory, we'll occasionally see a papercut or skinned knee. But that's about it.

George said...

I'm very impressed with your photo of the penny. I've heard of those lens mounts, but have not seen the results of using one.

I also like your Halloween vegetable trick.

lime said...

i like your trick. that's pretty funny! i'm impressed with the macro shot that doodad earned you too.

Kat said...

Haha! That is hilarious! The kids got a trick and a treat! Good one! :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog. :)

imac said...

You - my friend, are as bad as me,lol = frozen veg haha.
But I like the idea of a backward lens tho,lol.

Craver Vii said...

George, it's still tricky, because I can't use AutoFocus, but I only have AF on my 18-55 kit lens. I use continuous burst mode to make up for the lack of AutoFocus.

It is my hope Lime, that when the kids got home, they got a good laugh out of that.

Thanks so much for your visit, Kat! I'm glad you got a kick out of my goofy shenanigans.

What do you mean, as "bad" as you? You're hilarious Imac! Our brand of "bad" is very, very good. :-P

Betty Manousos said...

haha, that's too funny! i like your trick.

love your photo of the penny. smart and quirky. i'm really impressed!

wish you/yours a great day from start to finish~:)