Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Header Challenge: fold

May 6, 2013

Katney picked "fold" for today's challenge. I was afraid it would be tricky, but once I started looking, I found it wasn't too hard to find good folds to use. Check out my  pals for their interpretations on this theme: Fishing  Guy, Katney, Imac and Lew.

This week I picked African headwraps from Sierra Leone for my header.  It's like one long satin scarf that they wind and fold to create a distinguished and ornate, flower-like flare to their attire.  I do not remember the women's exact title, but these ladies were like the "Aunties," or esteemed friends of the Mother-in-Law.  Trying to photograph a wedding from another culture can have its challenges, but I was honored that they asked me.

folding and stretching homemade taffy  (Mrs. Craver snapped this shot.)
Yes, that's me on the left.  My good friend Sharon is on the right.

little girl in a giant pile of folded paper flowers

African headwraps from Sierra Leone


Jackie said...

We have a friend in Sierra Leone.
He is from here (South Georgia) an RN, and lives and works in the villages.
It was such a pleasure to see the folds that you shared with us here, Craver!

katney said...

The African headwraps are awesome folds. Ones I have not had an opportunity to experience.

imac said...

Dance the Night away,

Lew said...

Colorful and lively folds you found! In some cultures there is much more work involved in dressing up.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely done Craver, what a neat head-dress.

Pearl said...

Craver, is that you?!

I've been digging the Pale Ale at Indeed, although for a couple cents more you can get their beers infused, and the dark cherry infusion on some of the more ROBUST brewings are delightful.

Don't tell the cat. :-)


Betty Manousos said...

well done:)

love those colourful folds you found!

Shammickite said...

Looks like quite a party! What time did you get back to the fold?

lime said...

the headwraps are stunning!