Wednesday, December 24, 2014



December 24, 2014

This week's challenge selection is food. My choice. Check out my pals for their interpretations on this theme: Fishing Guy, Katney, Imac, Lew, and Christine Anne.

This post will need to be posted early, but it's handy that we can schedule it to go up any time we want. Although I have taken food pics from different meals, and at different places, today's pics will be from a potluck Christmas event that is so fresh, I can still almost smell those amazing aromas steaming from a row of slow-cookers! Merry Christmas Friends!!

Full disclosure: None of these are my own dishes, although I sampled almost every one. The light was not very good, so I taped a blank sheet of paper over my pop-up flash as a makeshift diffuser. I like what that did for a light source that was soft but sufficient. [As always, click on images to enlarge yummy details.]

Sweet and salty. Bite-sized and crunchy. Colorful and SOOOO delicious!!!

Now, this is MY kind of Christmas tree, and my favorite way to eat Hershey Kisses.

One coworker brought homemade egg rolls and sweet & sour sauce. Awesome!!

Normally, I'd dig right in to juicy fried chicken, but this was gone by the time I made it through the line.

This... this is heaven on earth!!!! Bacon-wrapped sausages with brown sugar.

festive fruit pieces

Fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies. Still warm. My knees are weak!

How can I possibly pick between these amazing cheesecake flavors?!

There was so much to feast on today! I brought a little back to my desk for later.


Happyone said...

What a layout of food. Yummy!!! Now you've made me hungry. : )

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

You should have come away full from this affair Craver.

Betty Manousos said...

yum! yum! those look delish!
now i'm hungry.

Lew said...

Looks delicious! And you can sample a lot without having to wash all the pots use in preparation.

Katney said...

The fruit is colorful, and you could eat a bit more of it than the sausages without messing with your cholesterol.

Christine said...

Oh, wow. It's like you should take just a little sample of each--and you'd still be stuffed! And truly, anything with bacon in it would be pretty special. I'm sure those were beyond amazing!

Shammickite said...

I'm dribbling.... looking at these food fotos!