Thursday, May 18, 2006

For Posterity

Wonderful news arrived this weekend from daughter #1. She and her husband have formally begun the adoption process and that means our family is pregnant! Sure, that’s a term usually reserved for momma, but we are all thrilled for her and filled with wonder and expectation. Each in our own way, that is. I’m sure Momma and Poppa’s joy-o-meter readings are off the charts.

For myself, I enjoy the thought of one day being a grandfather. I have sweet memories tied to grandparents. One grandmother used to keep hard candy in a drawer for our visits. My bride’s dad would bring pastries from the Mexican bakery when he visited, and to this day, my kids refer to certain items as “Grandpa’s bread.” I wonder what my special grandparent gimmick will end up being.

What about you? What’s your special memory about your grandparents? Was there something special they usually said or did that warms your heart?


Mary said...

I loved when Pito would take me to McDonald's to get breakfast and he always ordered pancakes for me even though I didn't care for their pancakes. :) Or when he'd take me to the corner market to get candy. Gramma would lay on top of me and tickle me. hehehe She also gave me my Robin Hood doll. I wish I had more memories of her.

My favorite memory of Lito & Lito honestly comes from when I was already an adult and we visited them in Florida in 2003. Lita spent time with us playing cards and Lito asked me if I'd like to sit with him and have a glass of wine. I think that was our best Florida trip. :)

More news will start coming along soon I'm sure...we're hearing "rumors" that we'll be scheduled for our first homestudy soon!

Craver Vii said...

Adoption update. Sadly, D1 & SIL were not able to see an adoption through at this time. We don't know whether they will ever have children. If you think about it, pray for them.