Monday, March 12, 2007


This picture needs some explaining, doesn’t it?


One of my churchmates said that I should show my “earring” to my blogging buddies. It’s not really an earring, it’s a birthmark, but I already talked about that in the comment thread from another post. So, I found this shot, zoomed in, and Voila! Je vous present… ze fameousse earring!


In case you’re wondering, what on earth I was doing, Mrs. Craver and I occasionally enjoy playing Phase 10 with our friends. As you can see, we like to laugh. This was one of our most memorable games. I was making the sign we invented for “Cutthroat Connie.” She’s the kindest, sweetest, most devout Christian you could ever meet. Except of course, when she plays this game. That’s because she uses the skip card without showing remorse. She’s cold; she’s indifferent; she’s… Cutthroat Connie!


So, every time, she pondered which card to play, my buddy Ted and I would try to butter her up, so she wouldn’t skip us, but when she laid the skip card down, regardless of who got it, we made all kinds of noise, like we were at a football game or something, and made that sign suggesting jugular spatter. (Yes, it’s gross, but three of the players were nurses, including Ted.)


Now, if you think Phase 10 gets rough, you should see me and my Mrs. do Pictionary! But that is another story, isn’t it?


Pete Juvinall said...

You know when I first saw it, I thought you were talking about how close your razor got.

Stylish birthmark, you can be hip without trying! :)

spaghettipie said...

Hey Craver, I didn't know you had an earring...(ha)

Phase 10 is a ton of fun. We've been into Settlers of Catan for a while, but now that our daughter is a little older, it's harder to play without the board getting messed up!

Shammickite said...

That's very unique, a special earring for a special Crav-ear!

Craver Vii said...

Ex-Shammy: (applause)

Hey Pseudonyms, are any coworkers or churchmates calling you "Ex-Shammickite" or "Spaghettipie" or "Pe..." (Oops-- sorry, Bro.) It's pretty funny when they do. I find it to be quite flattering. Yesterday, people at church were walking up to me to check out my "earring." ... or, the Crav-ear. Hah!

Anonymous said...

Oh C'mon!! Where's the red sparkly earring you wear to church on special occasions? You should see it, it's really something else!

Craver Vii said...

For Now... You're probably thinking of the blinking red led jacket and neon fishtank platform shoes I wear on communion Sundays.

Nope. No fashion holes or needle-inks for me. Although, when I was in high school, I really did want an earring. It never happened, though.

Welp. I'm homeward bound now. I'll be at casa Craver before the sun goes down, too. Maybe I'll bring the bikes out, pump some air in the tires, and lube the gears. I rode my own bicycle yesterday. Man, was it fun! Tomorrow, we're supposed to get way up to 70 degrees (70f = 21.1c). After that, we'll get an arctic reality check, and I don't know when it will be that warm again.

Llama Momma said...

Craver -- enjoy the sunshine!! We were out on our bikes today...and tomorrow we're planning to meet A Musing Mom at the park for a little playtime. I love spring! And your earing's cute, too, by the way. ;-)

Shiloh Guy said...

With four sons, 27, 21, 20, 17, we are a card playing terror at the Moorhead house! Phase 10 is a favorite but the old man usually starts to doze off because it's too long. The guys are into Spades, Rook, and Texas Hold Em, mostly.

Back in my Bolingbrook days we had another couple who came over every Sunday night to play Rail Barons with us (an old Avalon Hill Bookshelf game). The wife was a socialist and she never cared about winning. She just wanted to make sure she lost her money and properties equally to the rest of us! (They're still in Bolingbrook so I hope she doesn't read your blog!!! You know who you are!)


Lara said...

Phase 10? Never heard of it before. We're big into the Settlers of Catan games like Spaghettipie.

A Musing Dad filled my bike tires so I could take the uber-princess out for a ride tomorrow (isn't he sweet? Then again it might have been a hint that I need the exercise).

So if A Musing Dad takes his earring out and leaves it out for a while, will people think he just has a birthmark?

Halfmom said...

sniffle, boohoo - first I was a friend and now I'm just a "churchmate"

L.L. Barkat said...

I thought it looked like you were doing a Mr. Bill impersonation. (Does anybody even remember Mr. Bill?)

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I love to learn about weird, random facts about my blog buddies.

Craver Vii said...

Chin-up, Doc! Churchmates was intended to be more of a geographic reference. If you're not embarrased to be called my friend, (you should be locked in a rubber room) I'm happy to call you friend as well.

Jonathan, thanks. I have been quite silly lately, and frankly, I wish I had more devotional ingredients in the blog. Not exclusively, mind you! Just... balanced.

Craver Vii said...

Shiloh Guy said: "The wife was a socialist and she never cared about winning. She just wanted to make sure she lost her money and properties equally to the rest of us!"

I hear you. My wife said she will not play Monopoly with me, because I turn into a tyrant or something when playing that kind of game. She is trying to be "fair." I, on the other hand, am pursuing an objective. To her way of thinking, I am too competitive, but to my way of thinking, she's cheating, and causing a game which is already too long to take an even bigger chunk of my life.

For that reason, we probably will not play Settlers of Catan. That's okay. Whatever we play, it doesn't matter that we win or lose, what matters most is that we play nice and have fun.

(Did I actually say that with a straight face? You'll never know.)

Pete Juvinall said...

Settlers of Catan - wow. I just got introduced to that game this year by the youth and they turned it into 'beat the volunteer' - towards the end I was catching on, but it took a little while.

Oh, I'm talking 'beat the volunteer' in a '300'ish sort of way. :) I was the persians, they were the spartans :).