Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Oooh look! A UFO speeding away into the night sky! Methinks they abducted me and experimented with my brain, 'cause I had a whopper of a headache Monday. It hurt so bad, I left my friends' house before dessert! I'm all-better now though; thanks.


Sunday night we went fishing for one and-a-half hours. I STILL haven't got a nibble, but the scenery was magnificent. I'm saving that photo for Sky Watch Friday. Yes... to date, I have never, ever caught a fish!


Beautiful landscapes, candid portraits, baby birdies, pretty flowers, UFO's that look remarkably identical to CD-Roms... It's very rewarding to always carry my trusty old Mavica digicam.

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Lara said...

I feel for you on the "no fish" front. It took me a couple of years of fishing before I caught one. And it's been a year or so since. And wouldn't you know, every time we fish my kids all end up with at least one or two. Can't figure out what they know that I don't.