Monday, May 26, 2008

time to remember

One of my kids had my camera, and I asked him to snap a photo of the clock on the wall because I didn't have my watch. That way, if someone wanted to know what time it was, I could just look at the image in my camera! Pretty smart, huh?


Speaking of time, it's time to remember all those who have fallen while serving in our military. I'll be fishing in the morning, grilling in the afternoon, probably having popcorn and a movie at night, but remembering throughout the day. Their sacrifice is not forgotten.


Shammickite said...

Unfortunately, there are too many sacrifices being made at the moment. Both in your country and in mine.

mommanator said...

great post time to remember indeed!

Nabeel said...

lol .. sure you'd know the time for that particular moment, but what if someone asked you the time after 3 hours?