Thursday, June 19, 2008

greater craters

Have we used this photo yet? I do not recall.


This week, we will have a spectacular view of the moon. It's called the solstice moon. Long story short, is that we will have the illusion of a larger-than-usual moon as it rises above the horizon. The Chicago area will see the event at around 9PM. That link I provided has a few other time zones marked. You will have to search the web if you are not in the United States.


My photo is a fake, by the way. I was just having fun with post editing and double exposures. I look forward to this week's sky watch, as there will likely be a few good moon shots.


No guesses on the song or artist from the title of the previous post?

It was Luther Vandros' Here and Now


Craver Vii said...

Oops, I used that photo already on March 19. Please don't report me to the duplicate photo police.

Sheesh, that was only three months ago, too! I should probably start taking some of that whatchamicallit for my um... memory.

San said...

Well, Craver your "fake" photo is magical nonetheless.

And thank you for the heads-up regarding the Solstice Moon. Last night the moon was big and beautiful, but tonight it should be spectacular.

imac said...

No Moon, Clouds and rain.
Great shot tho, really like thispic Craver.

Also thanks for the great comment on my Butterflies, they were in a hothouse in Nature Land at Skegness and they were friendly.

Anonymous said...

Fake ?? I knew I knew you are upto some pranks !! :P

But its magical.

dot said...

You're a rascal for sure! I heard the weatherman tonite calling it a strawberry moon. Never heard it called that before. Guess I better go out and take a look.

mommanator said...

the moon is beautiful here in FLa, guess I should go out and take a pic for ya!

Craver Vii said...

I hope you had a good view in New Mexico, San. To me, this photo has a little bit of the feel of an airbrushed sci-fi fantasy. You know... oversized moon, purple sky...

Imac, I was thinking about your clouds and rain last night. I also thought about the quality of your pics, and wondered whether you usually shoot with a tripod or without. I think I don't use the tripod (or flash) enough.

Pranks Cuckoo? Who told on me?! ;-) (shoots rubberband)

"Strawberry moon" has a nice sound to it, Dot. I guess each month has it's own nickname for the full moon, according to the farmer's almanac.

I hope you enjoyed that view, Mommanator. I didn't catch it as early as I wanted. I was really to capture a shot while it was still touching the horizon, but with all the busy-ness last night, I was a half-hour late.

Daniel J Santos said...

Well done, great work.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads-up to look up.

FO - 2 said...

I haven`t seen it before, so it`s fine with me. ;)

Jane Hards Photography said...

I don't care what it is, biut it's brilliant and out of this world.

Sharon said...

Fake or not it is beautiful!

Carletta said...

Love the "fake" photo. I wish it really did look like this sometimes though.
I was looking for to the Solstice moon but it was too cloudy here to see anything.
We were supposed to guess a song title? I didn't know! I was singing it though. I really was.

Anonymous said...

That is really something. What an evening sky.

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