Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dad's phrase

There was one shining moment that occurred during the team's first soccer practice last night. That was when the last family showed up, and we had 100% attendance! I have all my forms signed and turned in. We are ready to roll... that's a beautiful thing!


That is, by the way, a phrase my dad is noted for. When something turns out well, it is just like him to say, "That's a beautiful thing."


That item in the photograph hangs in my cousin's tree. I do not know exactly what function it serves, but I'm pretty sure that it is either a whatchamacallit or a thingamajig. I liked the way it catches the light, and thought it would be a good object to capture with a large aperture. Of course, the reason I used it for today's post is because I was happy with how the picture turned out, and...that's a beautiful thing.


(For those who were following the saga, the Craver residence finally has a refrigerator!)


dot said...

HEY! That's a beautiful thing! Maybe we can call it folk art.

Mary said...

I can hear him saying it. :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful post!

Craver Vii said...

Yes Dot. That's a lovely folk-artsy doohickey. :-)

Mary, every time I say that phrase, your mom echoes back that it is something my dad would say.

Thanks NaNcY. And thanks again for that Psalm from yesterday. I was meditating on that again this morning, and absolutely loved how verse 3 seems to suggest that the moon and stars are small things to God that he placed with his fingers. Pinky up I presume, to stress how small they are to Him.

lime said...

i believe the item you photographed is what we would refer to as a "gazoochie", which might fall under the broader category of "whatsit."

in any event, that's a beautiful thing.

Louise said...

The "thingamajig" is something specifically created to catch light and look beautiful. It IS a beautiful thing. (That's my husband's line.)

100% attendance is an AMAZING thing.

And life must be wonderful with refrigerator.

Jules~ said...

Horray for the year of the refridgerator!
I love that your dad had that for a catch phrase. That it would stick in your mind and Mary's means it is something he said on quite a regular basis. That is a be content and joyous with beauty and give recognition when and where it is due. That is a blessing.

magiceye said...

sure is a beautiful thing! sure to make passersby stop and wonder!

yes you were right about 'Jai Hind'! It means Victory to India!

Do visit here for my post about Rakshabandhan - a celebration of sibling bonding in India!