Tuesday, December 02, 2008

first snow

Technically, this wasn't our first snow, but it was the first one with enough accumulation to have to get out there and shovel and cause all kinds of traffic problems. It was our first significant snowfall of the season.


The Craver's homeschool tradition is that we declare that first event a snow day each year. It was a time of joy and celebration. I do not enjoy feeling cold as it soaks through my bones, but I DO enjoy the play times and beauty of it all.


Let's just hope I don't mow down any mailboxes this year.


lime said...

what a fun tradition. lovely shot at the top there too. hope you're all warmed up by now.

Shoebee said...

My kiddos are waiting for their first signifigant snow fall of the year. They have seen flakes and dusting, but that's about it. Gotta love going out in the snow and seeing the joy in the kiddos faces

mommanator said...

when the ice follows I dont like, I do like it when it looks like on your first shot! That looks like great snowball snow.
I can hear the grnads kids squealling at going down the hill on their butts! now thats pure joy!
That must be why God invented it!
It also always makes me think of the purety of Jesus Christ- we should be so pure!

Mary said...

Hmm...Thursday through Saturday, it was about mid to high 70s here. Sunday and Monday was cooler, around low 60s because it was raining. We were in Jacksonville yesterday which was also lower 60s, but it's further north. Today it about upper 60s. I am definitely loving December with no coat (not that I can fit into any of mine anyway). The pics are cool but I definitely do not miss being in it. We've decided we'll most likely pass on any Christmas Day invites so we can enjoy our last Christmas with just each other...that's the day I'll probably miss having actual snow on the ground.