Wednesday, April 15, 2009

were you there?

Sometimes it causes me to tremble.


This photo was taken in low light without flash. Good Friday's program included a study of the different people we find at the cross of Christ. These gents represented the soldiers who gambled for Jesus' clothes. The actors did not speak, but acted their parts out while a narrator read from Scripture. Then the actors froze in place while the house lights were dimmed and with spotlights on the scene, a pastor gave a brief devotional thought before moving to the next scene. I set the white balance to a light gray (almost white) canvas to make the colors stand out just a little more, and used a tripod on account of the veerrrrry long exposures.


There was a hush and stillness in us that was finally answered with the entire congregation reverently singing "Were You There" a capella.


Coincidentally, my Pennsylvania friend, "Lime" posted overlapping thoughts in her Good Friday poem.


Unrelated: I am a fan of Susan Boyle!


Anonymous said...

good job on the photo

lime said...

ah, the stllness of the actors answers how you got a clear image since i knew you'd need a slo shutter speed. nicely done! and thank you for the kind shoutout as well.

Craver Vii said...

Merci beaucoup, Nancy and Lime. Yes, I was glad that they remained perfectly still as I took the shots.

mommanator said...

lovely shot, must have ben awe inspiring acapella 'were you there'!

Anonymous said...

enjoy the weekend!