Wednesday, August 18, 2010

peace like a river

Last week's photo seminar was located at the University of Chicago, and the building sat right alongside the Chicago River. There were lots of tourists down below and nonstop boat tours.


I have always loved Chicago, but I am not too keen on heavy congestion, and traffic jams, which is why I like this view. We have skyscrapers, but we have an element of elbow room as well. We are not bumper to bumper on the river, and the tall buildings graciously yield a compromise with the horizon down below. The blues and greens have an earthy serenity that offers a mental sanctuary from the busy rush and stressful deadlines.


I quickly snapped this photo during a brief "bio break" and hurried back to my seat, where I had to crawl over knees, camera bags and sponsor literature. (laughing) Oh well... at least I have the picture, right?


Chris said...

Cool picture... I'm eager to see more

donsands said...

Nice shot!

"We have skyscrapers, but we have an element of elbow room as well."

Not so in the "big apple", eh. With those yellow rivers of cabs running through its streets.

imac said...

Great pic Craver, but too much hassle, no good for you my friend.

happyone said...

Nice picture. That is one place I've never been.

Craver Vii said...

The sun was great that day, Chris. I wish I had more time to walk around and take pictures, but we were on a tight schedule.

I love skyscrapers Sandman. They have their own kind of beauty.

Not even a little good, Imac?

You should try to visit at least once, Happyone. It can be quite an experience. I have lived hear all my life, and yet downtown still makes me rubberneck like a tourist. :-)

Gaelyn said...

It is a familiar, yet long forgotten view. I really liked riding the boats on the river. Although I'm not really a city girl, Chicago does have a certain charm.

Glad you got to take a few pics at that workshop, even if you had to walk on some toes.

donsands said...

Me too Craver. I love to visit Manhattan. Wouldn't want to live there, but I am always in awe of that skyline.
Once I drove past it at night coming back to Baltimore from a trip, and there was a incredible bright full Moon standing in the sky just above the skyline. Man, I wish I had a photo of that. But I can still see it in my mind.

George said...

I grew up near Chicago and have always liked the city. This is a great picture.

Craver Vii said...

I have been trying to remember and work in some lessons from the seminar, Gaelyn. That has slowed me down a lot.

If you ever get that chance again Sandman, be sure to use your tripod. You'll LOVE how a city nightscape turns out!

Lots of good eatin' in Chicago, George. I loved being there because of the diversity also, although Bolingbrook mixes backgrounds better than the city.