Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What's up there in the sky?

What's up there in the sky?

February 19, 2014

This week's challenge is What's up there in the sky? selected by Fishing Guy.  Check out my pals for their interpretations on this theme: Fishing Guy, Katney, Imac, Lew, and Christine Anne.

A seagull in flight.  I like how this one looks in the moody sky.

It's a hawk kite.  Just a kite in the wind.  This pic comes with a funny story.
While running errands with my wife one day, we pulled into a parking lot, and I saw a large bird playing with the wind current, so that it appeared as if it was almost floating in one small area.  I took my camera out and snapped a pic from afar, then moved closer to take another photo.  This continued as I got closer and closer, trying to see how close I could get before the bird might get distracted or decide to fly away.  When I was almost under it, I noticed THEN, that it was simply a kite.  The bird feeders' store tied it to a lamp and I suddenly noticed that a bunch of the shoppers were now looking at ME.  (red face)

A different way to look at snow as it falls from the sky.

One of my lightning shots.

My very best lightning shot.  Not edited.  You can see debris that blew inside while changing lenses.

Full moon on Valentine's Day.  This one is called the Snow Moon or Hunger Moon.

Hot air balloon rides at Lake Michigan.

I was at an event in Downtown Chicago, and the back of the conference room had lots of windows.  I had my camera and walked around to see the downtown sights.  I zoomed in for the header pic.  A few people at that window were trying to make out what it was that was going on over there.  It was difficult to see clearly through the haze between us and the object.  Well, it appears that someone was selling hot air balloon rides at the lakefront.  That would have been a great place to be taking pictures!


Lew said...

Impressive shots of the lightning and moon! Always interesting when you see something in the sky from a distance and find out what it really is. I like your snow light columns.

imac said...

Up Up and away with Craver into the sky.
Really like the Lightning bolt very cool.

Katney said...

A different view of a hot air balloon. My daughter had one land in the vacant lot across from her house a year or so ago. It was quite a sight. Won't happen again as they are now building in the neighborhood again.

George said...

These are great photos of what's up in the sky, Of course, the kite story is pretty great itself. Your lightning photos are marvelous. I've never had much success getting decent pictures of lightning.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely captured with that unusual balloon. I loved your hawk story.

heritagemom said...

That is a really interesting looking hot air balloon. Seriously funny on the bird kite. I've done things like that, too. Hopefully no one really made fun of you. At least you had your camera in your hand--maybe they just thought that you thought the kite was interesting. ;)

happyone said...

All great shots for your challenge.

Linda said...

Wonderful photos.

Betty Manousos said...

wow, amazing series of photos! excellently done you!!:)