Wednesday, March 05, 2014

shapes of art

shapes of art

March 5, 2014

This week's challenge is shapes of art selected by Imac  Check out my pals for their interpretations on this theme: Fishing Guy, Katney, Imac, Lew, and Christine Anne.

Nnoooooooooo!!!!   I had some nifty sculptures in mind that I shot while visiting downtown Saint Louis. Unfortunately, I cannot find the files!!

This set of snow sculptures adorns a home just about two or three blocks from my own home.  I have wanted to get there in good light to re-shoot it, but I have not found the time.  I'm surprised they're still recognizable after the recent (albeit brief) thaw and recurring snowfalls.  As of today, we set a new record for frequency of snowfalls in this area.  And as far as total accumulation is concerned, we are in fourth place for most snow in recorded history.  Commuting takes twice as long in this stuff.  As much as I love the snow-- and I really do, we are SO ready for spring!

Can you identify the sculptures on that lawn?  I don't recognize the ones on the left, but from the center we have a bull, horse, owl, lion, man and woman.

I went back this morning and shot a few new pics of that lawn.  I noticed a sign that says this person sells these sculptures.  I think you can contract him/her to build a custom snow sculpture on your own lawn.

It's (finally) starting to warm up and some of these will be unrecognizable soon.

Leprechaun & Shamrock

Yes, that is clearly a gnome on the left, and they added wings to the owl.


imac said...

Well done my friend, nice find - at first I thought you had been out in the snow and playing,lol

Lew said...

When God gives you snow, build snow sculptures! And your neighbor is good at snow sculpting! But we are also looking forward to spring flowers!

Jackie said...

All I can say is, "Wow!"
Talent abounds....and apparently, so does your snow.
Warm smiles from South Jawja....
Spring is coming. (It will still be cold for a while, though, 'cause the robins are still here playing in our grass. They know when to leave and head back "nawth." They haven't left...yet.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Someone certainly had some fun Craver. Our snow is melted down quite a bit. I'm ready for Spring.

heritagemom said...

Those are pretty amazing, and probably took a lot of time to create. You need to get back there with some fantastic light to capture these! (I love bluegrass--wish I could've heard it at your church last week!)

George said...

You definitely have some talented neighbors. I hope you find your photos from St. Louis.

happyone said...

Wow they are really good.
One of them on the left looks like a garden gnome to me.