Thursday, September 04, 2008

caught in the Web

I want to answer TWO tags today. First, is Ted's meme from a couple weeks ago. Sorry for dragging my feet, Bro!


If it's okay Ted, I'll offer what I already did in May '07 (eight facts about me) and January '07 (five odd things about me). Check them out to see what I have to say about priesthood, peanut butter and lightnin'.


Now, our dear friend LL Barkat, author of Stone Crossings added another. No--she concocted another. Yes folks, this one is her very own invention.


The rules:
  1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you.
  3. Link back to the parent post, so she can track the meme.
  4. Tag a few friends or five, or none at all.
  5. Post these rules-- or just have fun breaking them.

.5 Ways Blogging Changed My Life

  1. I am learning how to talk to people. Those who know me, might not think that's a problem for me, but when I see that someone has joined a photo event, it's not enough to stamp "nice picture" on each and every entry. Plus, it's tempting to always talk about me, and I am trying to be less egocentric with my comments. I have found that it's easy to offend, so I try to be careful about what I say.
  2. Initially, I thought blogging would bring more non-Christians into my life, and it has, but most of the Christians I know outside of the blogosphere are people who's doctrine lines up very close to my own. Blogging has provided a bridge to believers of varying stripes. I think I have learned from some, and hope that one or two have learned something from me as well.
  3. Every now and then, I like to use a word that is specific to a situation or maybe punctuate something with a little pizazz. I'm no linguistic purist, but I just want my vocabulary to expand beyond the 500 most basic words in the commoner's tongue. While blogging, I have never once heard that phrase I dread: "Why don't you just speak English?" And when someone uses a word I don't know, it is sooooo easy to look it up, since I'm already online.
  4. Did you ever pray with somebody real time, who is on a distant location of this planet? Praying with and for people is a wonderful privilege. It's special to be able to do that with someone who I never see face-to-face.
  5. If my photographs were never viewed, but stealthily filed in a tiny chip, I doubt that I would be taking as many pictures and learning as much as I am now. The friends who take good pictures, and the friends who I take pictures for, these folks have sharpened my picture-taking skills far beyond what I would have done without blogging.


Let's see... I think we might like to hear from

Carletta, Halfmom, Kim, Louise, and Sandman.

Of course, anyone can join in, who feels so inclined.

Lime, are you game? :-)


L.L. Barkat said...

Craver, these are great! And some of them definitely resonate with me. The whole thing about learning to talk to people... yes! All this practice causes one to reflect, or can.

And you totally made me laugh with the 500 basic words thing. : )

Louise said...

OK, I'll do it, but I don't promise when. I like your answers! Especially the egocentric one. That's sometimes hard to do. Is it as hard for everyone or are just some of us egocentric?

donsands said...

"I think I have learned from some, and hope that one or two have learned something from me as well."

I have.

Ted M. Gossard said...

Interesting thoughts here. I think your photography is magnificent and inspiring to me since I'm an aspiring photographer. Though nothing like you.

L.L. worked on me to get me talking more about myself and now you're casting doubts on that! I don't know where to turn. I do like the way she weaves her story into her thoughts in her first book, and I'm looking forward to more of the same in her second one.

Keep up the good, faithful blogging and heart of having fun and sharing the gospel to others. And those pics.

Joy said...

I am totally laughing at #3, and really agreeing with #4. The praying aspect blows my mind (in a good way) is so powerful. I mentioned that aspect of community as one of my biggies too.

Love your pictures!

dot said...

You are sure an interesting person and I enjoyed learning all these things about you. Especially about the peanutbutter. LOL. I love your spider web picture!

lime said...

well that blogging question is interesting and your answers are certainly very thoughtful. i'm game for that tag. i've done every conceivable variation on the 6/7/8 weird/random/quirky facts about me meme though and if anyone tags me with that one again i may have to require a blood test and a marriage license before i reveal any more.

Maria said...

Hahaha! Caught in the web! That's how I feel since I started blogging :D

Maria said...

I just read your 5 points and I must say my experience with blogging is very very similar! I have also learnt a lotabout myself and others, language, geography, the place I live, etc... and it gives me a lot of pleasure!

Cuckoo said...

Thank God, my name isn't there !!

And you learnt a lot from blogging. I am still a kid here. :-)

Kim said...

Craver, I will definitely get to this..think I'm gonna hit the cafe later and maybe sit and write some..I've been at my up north home
(Mass.) for less than one full day and taken well over a hundred pics so far :)
Will let you know when I post the meme!!
Thanks for thinking of me!

L.L. Barkat said...

Lime, that is hilarious. Yes, it's time we took the meme world by storm and came up with some new ideas!

Carletta said...

Hi Craver!
I think your title best describes in all in four little words! :)
I'll play. It will be next week before I can but I will let you when it's posted.
I liked what you said about the photo events - I think that's why I love seeing your comments as I go around the memes - yours are always fun and make me smile.
The 'speak English' - I told myself yesterday I needed to learn at least the basic wow words in a few languages that I run across - oops I should use that..and I will. ;)
I didn't do Sky Watch this week but I'll be back later to see if you did.
Hope you're having a wonderful day.