Friday, January 11, 2008

a lighter matter

It will be a great day when construction workers can move things around by placing them on anti-gravity pallets. Sure, this sounds like science fiction to you, but how far off can it be if this equipment in my picture was several inches off the ground? And this puppy was HUGE, too; the tires on this beast were taller than me! (I'm all of 5'7")


Can you imagine how things could change if antigravity technology existed? Think about it...
  • Firemen could use antigravity harnesses to carry people to safety or lift heavy beams to recover a buried person.
  • Carrying a piano upstairs can be done by octogenarians or children.
  • Mechanics could use it like an hydraulic lift.
  • Veterinarians could use it when they operate on large animals.
  • Pet owners could freak out their dogs by holding them in antigravity chambers.
  • Mountain climbers and trapeze artists could train with AG safety belts.
  • And think how it could improve the performance of aircraft, ships, and all manner of motorized vehicles if the engine and cargo weight could be adjusted!


I imagine that zero gravity would neutralize inertia, or at least the trauma from sudden impact. That would be cool for surviving car and plane accidents.


Hmmm... what about the opposite? If we had the ability to manipulate gravity, what kind of uses would there be for increasing an object's weight?


Anonymous said...

Well, we could make our friends fatter than we are. They'd never know what hit them!

your friend,

Anonymous said...

keep the lawn chairs from blowing away

Anonymous said...

make the dog sit and stay

Martin Stickland said...

I like your line of thinking Craver but if I was pushing my dog around in an anti gravity room what about his little anti gravity doo doo's floating everywhere?

You do make me laugh!

orneryswife said...

Lol. We are fortunate that God's laws are immutable! Whew. I don't even want to think of the Queen's reaction to antigravity chambers. And frankly, there is plenty of gravity hanging around my person as it is.

Craver Vii said...

D, that is wicked! I have bad knees, you know.

Good idea, NaNcY. How 'bout laying a towel on top of the dog, and then making the towel weigh 40 pounds? "Stay, Fido; I mean it."

You think of everything, Martin, don't you. The thought of poopie floaties had not even occured to me, but a tennis racket would take care of that. Unfortunately for my neighbors, gravity would pull it all back down at a normal rate, once the stuff was out of the AG field.

They make anechoic chambers, for sonic tests. I have heard that in these super-quiet rooms, you can hear your own heart beat. Dogs are afraid of going in there. That's what gave me the idea for harrassing our canine companions.

Maybe we could increase our weight while exercising, TM. That would give our workouts greater effectiveness, right?

Unknown said...

"Carrying a piano upstairs can be done by octogenarians or children."-that is a scary thought. I can just hear kids fighting, "Stop hitting me or I'll throw the piano at you!" A mother's nightmare.

Anonymous said...


Let's NEVER let our kids find out about this or they'll be the ones who will try figure it out and make it happen, y'no?

Piano pieces everywhere!! ;)

Unknown said...

Absolutely! Mums
(Can you imagine picking up all those pieces...or yet another gash in the wall?)

Halfmom, AKA, Susan said...

I could float in space and pretend I was an astronaut - that is really what I wanted to be anyway - all the rest of this science stuff is just because I could never go into outer space and look back at the earth - my lifelong dream.