Tuesday, October 11, 2011

mad scientist

Friends, I have been working on a fantastic invention. The 4-D Imaginator prototype is installed on my computer. It allows bloggers to attach virtual experiences to their photographs. For example, when George posts a photo of a flower, you'll be able to smell it; when Imac posts a photo of pork pie, you'll be able to taste it. It needs to be installed on both the sender and receiver's computer to use it, so until it is mass produced, I will have to resort to the old fashioned means of word-smithing.


If you had my 4-D Imaginator device installed on your computer, you would look at this photo and feel a light breeze on your face, still damp from recent rains, and smell the fresh air from the Morton Arboretum. That fresh air accompanied by faint traces of cut grass and prairie flowers. You would also feel the temperature variations between the sunny and shady spots. It is almost as if you could be standing right there with me a few days ago.


Imagine the uses after mass production! The soft, baby-lotion smell on photos of a new-born. Samples to savor of recent creations on the grill. The nose-tickle of a diet cola. Crisp, dry leaves from the Honey Locust that crunch underfoot like corn flakes. It goes on and on. What experiences do you wish you could share with your blogging friends?


Ah well... back to the lab.


chris said...

Well I do not kow what I would love to share but that idea is crazy! Incredible even!

imac said...

No more Holidays - just sit in your arm chair in a small round room with film of places any where you wish with your new invention and smell Nature.
Even out in space - beyond farther than you could think of, with a machine that will give you anything you wish to - eat- drink - to play with - just fix a new invention on your chair that moves and you could go on a cruise - or fly far out in space -- lol.

George said...

I think you're on to something. Just think of the money I could save on travel and groceries.

Jackie said...

Oh my friend, Craver....
What can I say to this? :))
I'm thinking that you are perhaps reeling from noxious shark breath (wonder what that photo would have smelled like?)...or perhaps you should be sittin in the small round room that Stewart (imac) referred to...but I'm thinking that pads along all walls and floors would be helpful to you. (I hope you know that I'm just kidding..) :)))
I'm thinking of my goat photos of long ago...wondering what essence they would evoke to the viewer using Craver's "Imaginator"....and I'm also thinking that your device isn't as far-fetched as one might imagine. Who would have thought 20 years ago that we could talk to and look at someone across the world from us IN REAL TIME!
Your photo is beautiful!!!
Smiles from Jackie

Craver Vii said...

Vraiment, Chris.

I couldn't pick one or the other, Imac. For me, it would be both/and. I'd have to experience the virtual AND the real.

No way George. Your waterfall photos are too important for you to stay at home. We need you out and about.

Sharks breath? (lol) Jackie, I never heard that term before, so I googled it. Hmmm... should I call you Jackie, or should I call you Cheech? No noxious fumes here. Nevertheless, a padded room for me would be quite appropriate. :-P

Jackie said...

Craver, Craver.... :)))
"Shark Breath"...I was referring to your September 20th Blog...thinking that perhaps you got toooo close to da shark.
Cue the shark music: da dum da dum da dum....and...well, you get the idea, doncha?
I smile thinking of you Googling shark breath. My bad. I should've had made myself clearer...but then....I'm about as clear as mud these days. See you, my friend.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! I just googled it!! And I laugh again.
I was trying to be funny....and apparently used a term that I didn't know existed.... :))))

Craver Vii said...

You were trying to be funny, and you were even funnier Jackie. I can't believe I forgot about my own post! And here, I thought I was falling behind on the latest cultural lingo. I have to admit that when I mistakenly thought it was a reference to whacky-tobaccy, that you're the last person I'd have thought to be um... familiar with the topic.

Craver Vii said...

I have a photo that fits this situation nicely... click here.

Betty Manousos said...

i find this idea to be incredibly brilliant!

btw that photo is fantastic!

Jackie said...

Totally unfamiliar.....but learned something when you said you Googled....so I Googled it.....and smiled when I thought that you thought that I thought......well, you know :))))
I looked at your link. SEE!!!! You did get a whiff of shark breath!!! But, I'm gonna be more careful when I try to be funny....on second thought....no....I'm not. I will just be me and let the hair go with the hide (didn't look that one up.....just an old expression from the South!!!
Have a great week my friend....
Smiles from Jackie

EG CameraGirl said...

You have such an active imagination, Craver!

Carletta said...

Sign me up!!!
Lovely image and I so did love your well-written words today that really did make me feel like I was right there with you. :)

Shammickite said...

Just don't post any pictures of angry skunks, or rotten eggs, or the sewage treatment plant, OK?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic, Craver!!!!! I agree with shackammite though. Please no disgusting or smelly pics! Thank you much!:) Also, i have a new blog on wordpress. I will be leaving the one on blogspot for now, but may be deleting it at a later date. Please come check it out! Thanks! -Rachel Grace

Craver Vii said...

(insert mad scientist laugh here) EG, sometimes I get so wrapped up in serious matters that I just need to play for a little while. And believe me, I have been working hard lately, so something inside my head must have decided that it was time to be whacky.

So good to see you Carletta! I'm glad you liked the wording. I wish there could be such a device, so that we could share experiences from different parts of the world.

Heh, heh, heh... I don't know that I could promise such a thing, Shammy. Especially since I am the founding first recipient of the Stinking Blogger award. Yes, that's right... check my side bar. It is just above the prestigious Thinking Blogger award.

Hello Rachel Grace. I will check out your new blog today. I prefer blogger, because of it's familiarity, but wish you well with the Wordpress one.

lime said...

i'd like to share a motorcycle ride. i promise not to share diaper changing.