Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lighter than air

These two pics were taken within minutes of each other and probably less than a mile apart. Do you see two unrelated photographs? Not me. If I was the dude in that hang glider and saw the cannon down below, I'd be nervous. But that's just me.


It's kind of slapstick, isn't it? If you laugh with me, does that mean that you're shallow? Not at all! I prefer to say that less complicated ways are light and positive. If I were a computer, I'd like to categorize us as user-friendly.


And now, for a public service announcement: No recreational fliers (motorized or otherwise) were harmed in the making of today's post.


lime said...

hahahah, evidence of your madness. i love it. but that's no surprise to you is it?

Mona said...

lol! I love the way you put the last line of the post. Its like they do while selling Bodyshop products :D

Craver, please come & check my post of today, which you might find interesting. & I promise you that it is more than 55 words!

Carletta said...

Hi Craver,
I always smile when I come here so I'm going for user-friendly.

Come by when you get a chance I used a quote to answer your tag.